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Sugar and Weight

Sugar and weight has an inseparable relationship as sugar has a massive impact on weight. In fact, according to research, among its competitors in weight contribution and obesity, sugar is preeminent.

People who take in lots of sugar have been known to get fat. One can lose weight once he/she cuts down on sugar and undoubtedly, can put on extra weight if he/she increases his/her intake. Having this said in a very simple statement, we then can conclude that the less sugar you consume, the more likely you are to lose weight.

Let us spell out the their in a manner that all of us can comprehend.

Sugar is in almost all of every food that we eat- from the tasty bread for breakfast to the milk we drink before bed. Foods and drinks that we regularly consume contain a simple sugar called fructose. Fructose, when consumed too much, increases one’s hunger and desire for food more than glucose, the main type of sugar found in starchy foods such as bread, cereals, rice, and etc.

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Moreover, excessive fructose consumption causes resistance to an essential hormone called leptin that takes responsibility in regulating hunger and informing the body to cease from eating. That is, sugary types of foods especially beverages do not restrain hunger, making it very easy to rapidly consume liquid calories which is high in number. This, in turn, leads to weight gain.

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Below are some more informative proofs that they are somewhat inseparable:

Effects of Sugar on Weight

Sugar has been termed as deadly or sweet poison. According to researchers, sugar is to be blamed for the increase of obesity patients and in drastic number of deaths due to diabetes across the world. While studies show that it is a food that provides instant energy, due to indistinct food content and/or being naive nowadays, sugar can be bad for your health. Too much sugar affects metabolism, and this can result in different diseases. Therefore, it has been associated with weight gain. Check out below.

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Sugar and Weight

Sugar Promotes Weight Gain and/or Makes it Harder to Lose Weight

The reason for the weight gain is that sugar tends to tell the body to store more fat. Therefore, the more sugar one takes in, the more likely he/she is to put on weight. Sugar encourages cravings and thus, resulting to eating more and more. Consumption of too much sugar triggers various reactions in the body that consequently turn into weight gain which makes it difficult to lose pounds. If you burn fewer calories and consume more, you will put on weight. Hence, if you are considering shedding some, you should cut down on sugar.

Reducing Sugar in Your Diet Promotes Weight Loss

Eliminating or reducing it in your diet can promote weight loss because you will eat less food. This is because you do not have unnecessary your cravings hence promoting weight loss. Sugary foods are high in calories which may result in extra weight.

To synthesize, intake of excess sugar can cause weight gain. Worse, several diseases like diabetes, which is the world’s leading killer disease has been linked to it. Consider taking in low-sugar foods.

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