How-to-lose-weight fast

Did you know the researchers called three things in our food list as white poison? One of these is sugar and the other two are rice and salt. We will discuss the effect of sugar in our body.  Sweet food is very popular among all of us. The main ingredient of all sweet foods is sugar. There may be a number of things associated with him. It is also good to eat sweet food. 

how-to-Lose weight fast

How can sugar cause people to gain weight? 

There is a common misunderstanding believed by people regarding sugar and weight loss and fat and obesity. Well, fat is often associated with all of those problems, which is wrong. Yes, it is true that your weight gain is caused by the accumulation of fat, but what causes the accumulation is not actually the fat itself. It is due to sugar. This fact actually is not too shocking. How can sugar cause people to gain weight then? There are many reasons and explanations of how sugar causes people to gain weight and affect your diet program. Here they are. 

Sugar is addictive 

Cocaine and tobacco are addictive but the effects can just be visibly seen. Unfortunately, your sweet foods give the same effects as well but you cannot simply see them. So, you may continuously consume cakes, milkshakes, soda, candies, and chocolates since you think you are okay. The sweets mentioned are not really bad when you consume them in small amounts. But if you have been addicted and need to consume them more and more, this is how gaining weight, obesity, and other health problems occur. Now, ask yourself, how can sugar cause people to gain weight? You should have a hint by now.  

It stimulates you to eat more 

In the human body, there is a hormone named Leptin. Leptin is functioned to tell the brain if your body has saved enough fat and the brain automatically releases the “full” signal. However, fructose sugar tends to be immune toward leptin. Consequently, your brain doesn’t know whether you have been full or not. This way, you continue to eat because the body metabolism system is blocked. This is basically, your body telling you to eat even if you are already full. How can you lose weight fast if leptin and fructose sugar are fighting it off? You must stick with a no sugar diet

Insulin Resistance 

The sugar that flows in the blood vessel causes the increase of insulin in large amounts. Insulin itself has a duty to clean up the blood from glucose formed from carbohydrates. When the amount of glucose is too high, it poisons the blood. This is how diabetes is suffered. Then, the more sugar that is consumed, the more insulin is needed. Therefore, more insulin means, more glucose in the blood since it keeps glucose in the form of fat and it simply lets you gain more weight. People suffering from diabetes must be strict with a “No sugar diet”, as this can help prolong their life 

Unused Fat 

Sugar and fat basically have similar functions in your body. Both are sources of energy. However, the excess of sugar causes another energy source, fat, to work. If you consume too much sugar and then do activities, the sugar will be used first to power you up. Meanwhile, the fat is unused and accumulated under your skin. This is how you look fat after much sugar consumption. Sure, if you are too lazy to do activities, the effects are worse. Despite gaining weight and obesity, other health problems can be experienced including diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, uric acid, and more. 

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Again ask yourself, how can sugar cause people to gain weight? The answer to that, if you still do not know, is addiction or sugar addiction. Sugar and weight loss seems to directly impact each other. So, if you have been experiencing difficulty in losing weight and you have no idea how to lose weight fast, you must first reduce your sugar intake. Sure, it is by consuming non-sugary foods including your favorite cakes and ice cream, which means a no sugar diet. It is suggested to reduce carbohydrate which becomes the main source of sugar and glucose. Eating more vegetables including broccoli, spinach, and more is a better choice. Meanwhile, you can also get healthy carbohydrate sources from red rice and oatmeal. Not to forget, regular exercise can be helpful in losing weight as well.