Alternatives for sugar cravings

Alternatives for Sugar Cravings

Sweet foods or sugary foods are in no doubt delighting to human tongues. According to research, just like the caffeine in coffee, sweet junk foods especially chocolates contain addictive substances. Apart from its good taste, chocolates have an amino acid named tryptophan that is an activator of serotonin- a protein that could magically enhance and lift our mood. So, don’t blame yourself for being usually tempted. There are just too many reasons why most people can’t ever get rid of this sweet little grubs. The big question is, what can you do to avoid it? What alternatives to sugar cravings can help to ease that food itch that you are feeling? We sure as hell don’t want to get obese with an undesirable size of bellies and diabetes issues.

As a health conscious individual, I want to share with you a few alternatives for sugar cravings. Sugar craving impulse may hard to resist at times, but with determination and enough knowledge, getting a healthier life and a better body fit will eventually fall into place. So let’s start off.

Suppressing Your Cravings with Healthy Snacks

There are plenty of healthy snacks to help you curb your craving for sugar. In fact, most of which can also satisfy your sweet tooth in addition to boosting your health with the nutrients it contains. Below are some alternative snacks you can grab whenever you feel the urge of eating sweet junk foods.


Blueberries and other berries contain high fiber. This means that these fruits are less in sugar. What’s even better is that berries are proven to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses as they contain antioxidant properties. If your craving is not accompanied by hunger, then berries would be one of the best alternative choices you can take.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is not just refreshing, it tastes sweet! Luckily, coconut water is pretty accessible. Whenever you crave for something sweet and refreshing, do not go right ahead to frozen desserts. It will just add to your calories and sugar level.

Instead, buy a chilled coconut water and beat the summer heat with a nutritious diet.

Herbal Teas

There’s nothing healthier than consuming natural and organic goods. Unlike other teas, herbal teas do not contain caffeine and are mostly derived from natural ingredients such as fruits, spices, dried flowers, and herbs. With that, individuals always have a wide variety of options to curb whatever cravings they might have. One of the best herbal tea that is known to help curb sugar cravings is licorice tea. It has a naturally sweet taste that makes it unnecessary for consumers to add extra sugar.

Fermented Foods

Fermented goods may be one of the best alternatives for curbing your sugar cravings. It offers 3 main benefits-resetting pH levels, restoring your microflora, and reducing the bad effects of sugars in you.


Sugars and other compounds we get from our daily food intake always bring physical and chemical effects to our body, and it is only either a positive or a negative effect. There is nothing bad about eating whatever you like, but remember that it should always be in moderate amount.

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